Episode 3: About a Girl

Episode 3: About a Girl
Episode 3: About a Girl

When Doctor Finn refuses Bortus and Klyden's request for her to perform sex reassignment surgery on their daughter, a standard Moclan practice on the rare occasion a female is born, they petition Mercer to order the procedure. Mercer refuses, as he (and the rest of the crew) object to performing such a procedure on a healthy infant. Bortus and Klyden then arrange to have the procedure performed on a Moclan vessel. Bortus changes his mind after watching the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV show; Klyden wants to proceed, revealing that he was born female. The case is arbitrated on Moclus, where Grayson represents Bortus; Grayson disputes male superiority by demonstrating Alara's immense physical strength and Gordon's lesser intelligence. Mercer locates Heveena, an elderly female Moclan who testifies that she has lived a secluded but happy and fulfilling life. Under the male pseudonym "Gondus Elden," she became an esteemed novelist on Moclus. Klyden and the tribunal are unconvinced, and the infant undergoes the surgery. Despite their disagreement, Bortus and Klyden are committed to one another and to giving their son, Topa, a good life.

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