Season 1

Episode 4: If the Stars Should Appear

The Orville encounters an immense, 2000-year-old derelict ship drifting into a star. Mercer, Grayson, Kitan, Finn, and Isaac enter, discovering an art...[Read More]

Episode 3: About a Girl

When Doctor Finn refuses Bortus and Klyden's request for her to perform sex reassignment surgery on their daughter, a standard Moclan practice on the ...[Read More]

Episode 2: Command Performance

The technologically advanced Calivon capture and imprison Mercer and Grayson for a new exhibit in a zoo filled with humanoid species from throughout t...[Read More]

Episode 1: Old Wounds

Ed Mercer, a Union command officer catches his wife in the act of cheating on him. He divorces Kelly Grayson but the deceit prompts an emotional crisi...[Read More]

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